About the Radiant Health Apothecary
Dr. Henri Roca's medical practice takes a holistic approach to patient care, providing a balance of traditional medicine and scientifically based complementary therapies.

Scott Berliner, RPhAs part of our goal to help you and your family optimize your wellness, we invite you to explore our expanded Radiant Health Apothecary. We offer a wide range of natural supplements, botanicals, homeopathic treatments and other remedies proven to be safe and effective.

In addition, we offer essential oils and various products to enrich your life with a sense of calm and relaxation.

For your convenience, we invite you to shop online. We offer consultation with a physician who will review a patient’s regimen of prescription medications and supplements to help you choose the products most appropriate for your needs.

The Radiant Health Apothecary is operated by Clinical Integrative Pharmacist Scott Berliner, RPh.

To place an order please call 877-723-2768

Gift cards are available.

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